Team and Governance

The Municipalities in Transition project is managed internally using an innovative form of governance based on sociocracy and organised in “circles”.


The core team members

Ana is a facilitator for social change and community resilience. She is a professional in international cooperation for development, sustainable agriculture, holistic education and a trained Permaculture teacher and course facilitator for the Transition Movement.
She coordinates Red de Transición and the Municipalities in Transition Project.

Cristiano, class ’67, cofounder in 2008 of the first Italian Transition Initiative in Monteveglio (near Bologna). In the same year he brings together, with another group of national experimenters, Transition Italia, which is now the national hub of the movement. Much of his work focuses now on the involvement of municipalities, businesses and institutions in the Transition process. He still does not know if Transition is really the way to solve the enormous problems we have created, but experiencing it is one of the most interesting and fun things that ever happened to him.

Juan is an international facilitator of community transformation and ecosocial regeneration. He has worked for 15 years designing and implementing projects and trainings on local resilience, systemic change and sustainability in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. He has extensive experience in collaborative processes and networking, being co-founder of Transition Spain, ECOLISE network and outreach coordinator, and MiT core team member. He is also the author of “Guía del movimiento de Transición”, and codirector of the film ALTER NATIVES. Juan holds a BSc in Biology and a MSc in Sustainability. He lives in Cardedeu, Spain, where he has a permaculture garden.

Tommaso has been working for about a decade in scientific research in universities and institutes. His awareness on the actual socio-ecological planetary crisis led him to look out of the mainstream path for new ways to deal with the massive disaster.

He joined the Municipalities in Transition project years back and since then he works as a core team project officer, system thinker and researcher, trying to close the gap between academia and sustainability work on the ground. He gives lectures at universities and works on the ground as tutor, while at the same time he works in parallel to develop the systemic methodology and the database of tools.

Sara is a landscape architect and since 2008 has been working with community-led initiatives and municipalities as a facilitator towards regenerative ways of living and inclusive collaboration. She’s a tutor and part of the MiT core team and coordinates Cidade Mais, an urban anual festival on social transformation and sustainable development in Porto, Portugal.

Pāvils joined the Municipalities in Transition team as an intern in the spring of 2021. Having recently completed a master’s degree in urban resilience design & management, his work focuses on how to most effectively catalyze organizational transformation toward a future that is more sustainable and regenerative.

To Pāvils, the need to approach complex, mounting global problems without making the same mistakes is abundantly clear. Somewhere in the process of integrating top-down decision making and bottom-up activism lies an area of incredible potential that he finds vital to overcome political polarization and help humanity reconnect with its natural life support system, planet Earth.


For more information on the people in our governance circles, please check our:
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