Cre@farm + Liège

CATL (bottom-up transition initiative) collaborating with municipalities for access to agricultural land and other resources.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: City of Liège (Belgium)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


The city of Livorno presents a very interesting situation with a very active grassroots movement quite oriented to well being, sustainability and environment protection and care, social inclusivity and so on. At the same time the city has a new local government with a strong commitment to “change”. Young politicians coming from the 5 Stars party (relatively new in Italy) with a very open way to approach their roles.

In the last year and a half all this created many different paths and projects that weren’t generated from Transition but that are quite on the same general feeling. The activity kept growing until they understood that there was the need for a less spontaneous way to proceed and they started searching for methodologies and help.

Within the municipality they started exploring Theory U with the help of the Italian U.Lab (to with Transition Italia is well connected) meanwhile some of the organizers of the citizens and associations contacted Transition Italy (Italian Hub) searching for help and training.

The Hub had already a couple of meetings with the local government, people and the groups. They are all very interested in the MiT project with the municipality ready to put also some money on training and other needed activities.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture.



MiT note – Municipality’s project to promote sustainable agriculture in collaboration with transition initiative. Interesting for phase 2 (tool: territorial development scheme/shared agricultural long term plan; just started). Suitable for pilot (in order to strengthen the collaboration with the municipality and maybe extend the scope).


Jonet Christian