New series of webinars for the next phase

Thanks to KR Foundation and Open Society Initiative for Europe, the Municipalities in Transition project has another 2 years funding.  Therefore as community of practice co-guardians we’ve been looking at the best way to continue.  In July some of you gave feedback and ideas, either written or in an online meeting to discuss the next steps of the community of practice.  Some of the many things we heard:

  •   It’s valuable to make spaces for conversation and discussion – there’s no substitute for talking face to face (even if it is online)
  • Can we get clearer on the “challenge” or “question” that is shared by this community of practice?  (it could be something like, the challenge of creating meaningful collaboration for systemic change between communities and municipalities)
  •   It would be great to hear about the Municipalities in Transition framework system that the project has been piloting – how does it work?

We’ve decided to set up a monthly rhythm of “Virtual café” online open discussion spaces alternating with Webinars where different members and experts can present ideas for discussion.  At the virtual cafés there will be one or two topic ideas and you can bring your own – connect, share in a relaxed unrecorded format and let’s see where the discussions go.  The webinars will be more like our Hot Topics series, will be recorded, and we’ll be starting with an Introduction to the Municipalities in Transition System, in more than one language.

Dates for your Diary:

  • Thursday 14th November 2019  17.00 – 18.30 Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTC)  Virtual Café Open Discussion.  Zoom link:


  • Monday 2nd December 2019  17.00 – 18.30 UTC  Introduction to the Municipalities in Transition System webinar (English language)  Zoom link:


  • Thursday 5th December 2019  17.00 – 18.30 UTC Introduction to the Municipalities in Transition System webinar (Portuguese language)  Zoom link:
    (Dates for this webinar in other languages coming soon!)



  • February 2020 – webinar to be announced



  • April 2020 – webinar to be announced




We look forward to speaking and connecting with you soon, if you can’t come or can’t wait then please share your news and views in the Municipalities in Transition community of practice facebook group.