Ecobairro São Paulo

The project work on the transition to a local, circular and participatory governance in which community members are encouraged to act responsibly and consciously for the common good and the exercise of full citizenship.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: São Paulo (city), São Paulo State
POPULATION: 12.000.000
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


“The Ecobairro is a Permanent Program with the objective of cooperating to make cities sustainable and peaceful from the transformation of existing neighborhoods into Eco-neighborhoods.

Ecobairro works through 8 axis: Politics, Education, Culture, Spirituality, Health, Ecology, Economy and Communication; On a scale of transformation that involves the individual, the house, the condominium / block / street and the neighborhood.  The program was generated based on a “Pedagogy of the Mother”” (including several pedagogies, methodologies and tools to fulfill the objectives) and throughout its course, added as a source of inspiration the principles of: Gaia Education, GEN (Global Ecovillage Network ), Transition Towns Movement and so many others who collaborated with this purpose.

In 13 years of continuous experience of the program, there are many examples of activities, connections and achievements:

  • Participation of the group in the municipal councils.
  • Permanent communication channel with sub-city hall.
  • Continuous search for articulation with other councils, exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • Collaboration in the composition of a qualified council.
  • Creation of a collaborative local action plan between residents and local municipality
  • and various actions that will be detailed later.

The Ecobarrio core group is formed by people who are active members of the Transition movement in Brazil since their arrival in the country and active participants of the Brazilian HUB.”


DOMAINS: Town planning, Urbanism and Housing, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Participatory Democracy and Planning, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects)



MiT Note – Suitable for Phase 2 and pilot (growing initiative with needs of a more permanent collaboration with the municipality).


Lara Freitas
Ecobairro São Paulo