From seed to plate

Development of short circuit for production of organic food.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: Ungersheim (France)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


The process of the seed to the plate is a  stakeholder of 21 actions for 21st century, based  on the principle of self-government, which is the approach of the ecological transition committed by the City Council since 2011 in Ungersheim.

The purpose of the process is to create the conditions so that the local community is capable to  produce  its own food.

The global objectives of the project  are:

– The creation and the preservation of jobs,not relocatable,
– The access to  healthy organic food
– Protect the biodiversity by the development of the biological cultures”


DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Health, Social Care, Economy, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects).



MiT note:  Short circuit for production of organic food, in a wide context of transition. Interesting for phase 2 (no much information is available at the moment). Maybe too “advanced” for a pilot.


Martine Schermesser
Transition Ungersheim