La Coope. Comunidad de Intercambio Ecológico y Solidario.

La Coope is a cooperative-community of commercial and social interchange of products, services and knowledges that generate synergies for the well-living of the participants and their life communities and systems (Queretaro City and surrounding rural areas), learning and applying solidarity and ecological practices.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: Querétaro, Querétaro (Mexico)
POPULATION:  958,000
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


The greatest vision of La Coope is to improve the autonomous well-living capacity in the Querétaro local-regional living system through a new way for the management of food and other basic goods. In a local assembly of Querétaro Transition Network, we agree that the main and more regular good that helps or hinders an ecological and solidary way of life is food. The general objective of La Coope is to build a cooperative network of ecological and solidarity economy in a local-regional scale to manage and interchange food and other basic goods in their whole metabolical chain. This objective considers other three specific objectives: promote local fair trade and social interchange between producers-transformers, solidary traders and users-consumers; improve work, sales and income of familiar producers, cooperatives and social enterprises interested in ecological methods of production and trading; and make easier and systemically more benefic the supply of necessary, healthy and ecological products and services for local families. We are developing improved tools to build local networks, administrate and manage transition cooperatives and promote learning processes with producers, traders and consumers.



DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Education, Health, Participatory Democracy and Planning, Economy, Waste management, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects), Cooperativism and Solidarity Economy

BENEFICIARIES: Families, Ethnic or Social Minorities, Peasant Families and Cooperatives


MiT noteA recent cooperative-community dedicated to the local food system. No need for phase 2 (just starting and no specific collaboration with municipality). Only suitable for pilot if this particular context is considered to be of particular interest.


Carlos Francisco Bohórquez González