Neighbourhood Fund

Buurtfonds Dichters- Rivierenwijk (Neighbourhood Fund Dichters and Rivieren neighbourhood)  is a neighbourhood initiative fund aimed at distributing small grants to people who have a good idea to improve their neighbourhood.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: Dichters and Rivieren Neighbourhood, Utrecht (Netherlands)
GOVERNANCE: Conventional board


The Buurtfonds Dichters- Rivierenwijk is a neighbourhood initiative fund for two neighbourhoods (Dichterswijk and Rivierenwijk) in Utrecht. There is already a bigger neighbourhood fund, a so-called Initiative fund in which local residents can ask for grants if they have a good idea to improve their neighbourhood. However, for some people it is too complicated to apply for a grant through this fund, because applicants have to fill in a long online form. The Neighbourhood Fund is therefore aimed at distributing very small grants (200 euros max) to people who have a good idea but would not have been able to use the bigger Initiative fund. This way, the Neighbourhood Fund also hopes to collect a database of projects in the neighbourhood, and ultimately hopes to connect local projects and initiatives. The main beneficiaries are expected to be children, people with language problems, or people without a computer.

The municipality has provided a grant of 10.000 euros to finance a range of small projects. There is an active cooperation with the municipality because the two initiators of the project are also working for the municipality. They are both not on the board, however.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc. Health, Social Care, Arts and Culture, Participatory Democracy and Planning, Economy, Waste management, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects).

BENEFICIARIES: Children, Adults (25 – 65), Families, General


MiT note: Neighbourhood initiative fund aimed at distributing small grants. No need for Phase 2 and maybe not suitable for pilot (“just starting”). Even though this kind of fund can be an interesting tool to explore as a tool.


Fleur Ydema