The town is building an action plan to decrease CO2 emissions and to build sustainable energy systems.


LOCATION: City of Ath (Belgium)
GOVERNANCE: Top-down City Council


The town council and services workers began to design an action plan. They are trying to engage citizens, schools, shops, farmers, network of enterprises, incubators, and enterprises in decreasing CO2 emissions .

It’s the very beginning of this PAED but there was before an agenda 21 that was stopped around 4 years ago, just after the election. The agenda 21 was created in a very participative way, including citizens, local transition initiative and other associations, entreprises, social workers, elected people, local authorities services… It was stopped just after the diagnostic and design of the action plan. It was a hard moment for lot’s of people involved (as well people working for local authorities). Now people are suspicious and attentive to how it will work. Engaging people and having a clear and healthy governance is an issue.

The first meeting of the “accompaniment committee” of the PAED took place during the summer 2017. Next steps are to look back on what was done during agenda 21, decide on a governance proposal and having meetings to share ideas of projects and actions to make in the town.

The accompanient committee will meet once a Month.


DOMAINSRenewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Town planning, Urbanism and Housing, Transportation, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Waste management, Industry and manufacturing, Community work.



MiT note – Plan to reduce emissions. No need for phase 2 (still in design stage). Suitable for pilot (if there is a particular interest in mitigation plans and prospects for continuity).


M. Chariot
Municipality of Ath