Comune di Santorso is working to increase awareness (opening a Help Desk, helding workshops and seminars) and influence behavioural change on energy production and consumption. The mayor of Santorso is also very committed on social policies, especially on refugees integration.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: City of Santorso (Italy)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


Comune di Santorso has been one of the finalist for the EU sustainable energy award (2nd position) and the only one from Italy.

It is working with a group of volunteers to raise awareness on energy efficiency (housing, transports, etc..), organising purchasing groups for solar panels and high efficiency technologies.

Santorso, with its ‘accoglienza diffusa‘ (diffuse welcoming)  is one of the best examples of refugees integration in Italy: the mayor is now trying to involve all the 8000 italian municipalities to do the same with the aim to ‘ease’ the emergence.


DOMAINS: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Social Care, Participatory Democracy and Planning

BENEFICIARIES: Young adults (18 – 24), Adults (25 – 65), Elders (65+), Families, Ethnic or Social Minorities


MiT noteThe case is interesting in terms of facilitating the access of the public to technologies like renewables, with some results already achieved. It also promotes the integration of refugees, which is a distinctive feature. No special framework/tool identified for improving deep collaboration, which is clearly lacking. No need for phase 2 (is there a vision/commitments clearly defined?). Suitable for pilot.


Giulio Pesenti Campagnoni
Santorso in Transizione