Short supply chains House

How we have increased the visibility of our short supply chains for food and other products thanks to a market hall.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: Sucy-en-Brie (France)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


We are 3 associations with food local supply chain. Two associations are delivering local organics food each week to members (“AMAP“). They delivered that in an old and charming military fort, very quiet, but not visible from the city center. The other association delivers each month other products (meat, cakes, cheese, cider,…) coming from an organics food farmers group of Normandie. This delivery was done in a large room under the city stadium.

We asked the Municipality to propose a common place, more visible, where we could delivery to our members the food proposed.

After 1 year the municipality found a solution and proposed a Market hall not used for now. For this purpose it has been closed and an about 100 square meters building has been created inside.

One of the 3 association is the local Transition Initiative with its “AMAP” and we use also this market hall for meetings like the “Fête des possibles”.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc.

BENEFICIARIES: Adults (25 – 65), Families


MiT note: A market hall for local food just born in a collaboration between municipality and associations. Low  self-evaluation. No need for phase 2 and possibly not suitable for pilot (“narrow” initiative, just starting).


Jean-Paul Grange