Ecobairro São Paulo

The Ecobairro (Econeighboorhood) in São Paulo (Brazil) is an initiave in the neighboorhood of Vilamariana.

Committment with 2030 Agenda from 2015 (…)

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Type: Neighboorhood
Extension:  … km²
Density:  … inhabitants per km²

Key Aspects

The EcoBairro Permanent Program is an initiative born from the Instituto Roerich da Paz e Cultura do Brasil (SSA) together with the Associação Urusvati Mantenedora – Casa Urusvati (SP), and that received support from the United Nations (2005)

With the focus on sustainability that penetrates the everyday life, Ecobairro adopts the proposed 8 nucleus of sustainability for city of the future: Education, Economy, Spirituality, Health, Communication, Politics, Culture and Ecology.

The DNA of Ecobairro proposes balanced systemic actions in all the areas such that sustainability emerges as a result of that action.



Ecobairro proposes to support residents of the neighboorhood to adopt sustainability practises inside and outside their houses, using the following methodologies:

  • Identify different social actors in the neighboorhood, stimulating their cooperation and sustainable practise;
  • Identify, together with the community, measures to help foster sustainability practises, managing their implementation;
  • Establish partnerships;
  • Make the experiences public, to foster inspiration for other potential experiences;



  • Time and collective agendas
  • Public Power Engagement
  • Include Business and companies as well as Universities

Future -> to replicate the experiment in 32 municipalities (…)


Pilot activities so far...

Release, Talk Wheel Invitation, Photos, Presentation on 23/04, Attendance Lists, Conversation Circle Feedback, Participation in 4th Nacional Meeting of transition in Rio de janeiro

Online baseline training webinar

Workshop on “decision making process’ and Sociocracy” already done (23/04/2018).

Next: Mapping group’s habilities, Decision making methods,  Open forum on decision making.

Basic elements harvesting, Construction of the Baseline and GRID, Consolidation





Ana Huerta (MiT Project Core Team)

Pilot’s Core Team:

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