Almócita is a municipality of Almería province, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain.

Type: Municipality
Population: 167
Extension: 30 km²
Density: 5,57 inhabitants per km²


Key Aspects

Almócita, “semilla de Transición” has chosen the path of the projects included in the Transition Movement, with the objective of fighting against rural depopulation and abandonment. Also, with the objective of raising awareness and eco-education as the base for the necessary change in our relationships with the people and with the natural environment that surrounds us. Ongoing Projects :
  1. Agroecological community garden
  2. Community Hen house and Beehive composter
  3. Bioconstruction on the Municipality multi-purpose building: Our DOMO (Made with straw, lime, sand and wood. All materials with ecological certificate)
  4. Public self-construction community oven (running)
  5. Starting “Municipal Land Bank” (in process to associate with Red Terrae)
  6. Starting “Empty Houses Bank” for cheap rents to new settlers
  7. Training projects of Agroecology, Meditation, People Care, Shared reading forums, Social currency, km 0, Bio-construction …
  8. Project Zero Organic Waste (municipal composting)
  9. Project “Free bikes and free books”
  10. Project of “Aging Happily”, Cohousing
  11. Support in the consumer group “Trotahuertos”
  12. Annual protest events like The Night of the Candles, The Night with Soul “art in the streets”; Eco-meetings or Meditation meetings “Meditate for the People Care”
  13. Neighborhood Assemblies
  14. Municipality without cars (At the moment, many weekends traffic is closed. But soon it will be closed for the whole year)
In conclusion, projects to evolve the community feeling of responsible neighbours with the environment, the consumption and the human respect towards the environment that surrounds us and we have inherited from our grandparents.


One of the biggest challenges is the fighting against rural depopulation. Contrary to what is expected for an average rural town in Spain, Almocita has gained inhabitants in the last 20 years. The town is attracting people from the surrounding region. At the same time the number of houses available has reached a saturation, so that newcomers struggle to find a place to live. The council has to face the challenge to allocate people while avoiding massive house construction.
The town is also very committed to participative processes with the citizens and they are trying to include more and more sociocratic-style processes. The MiT methodology is helping towards this objective.



Key activities so far...

S3 online training

Basics of the Municipalities in Transition System (MiTS)

NVC online training



Local Implementation Team



Tommaso Brazzini (MiT core team)
Vicente Bueso Bordils
Gorka Egia



Pioneer’s core team:

Francisco García García
Sergio Pineda Iglesias
Mabel Márquez Expósito
Elisa Rodríguez Uroz
Esther Compan Rodriguez
Alberto Bretones Felices
María Magdalena Ramos Calles
Cloti García
Paqui Quirantes