Parceria Local de Telheiras


The project started in 2013 as a local partnership in Telheiras, a neighborhood in the city of Lisbon. Parceria Local de Telheiras brings together several institutions, organizations, cooperatives and informal neighborhood groups, with the objective of sharing information and resources, networking and shared event organization.

In 2018, Parceria Local defined the reduction of the carbon footprint of the neighboorhood as a transversal theme for its organizations, to be explored by a specific workgroup called Grupo Pegada. At the same time, it was chosen as one of the 6 pilot projects from the Municipalities in Transition program.

The implementation of the pilot project allowed the workgroup to organize its activities in a very structured way, based on this innovative and wide-ranging methodology. It helped Grupo Pegada obtain a more systemic vision of the different initiatives going on in the community and made it possible to understand in a deeper way where to better invest resources and energy. New connections between local stakeholders and projects were created, awareness was raised and new activities with positive impact in the community were designed and implemented.

As for the actions developed during the pilot phase, two projects stand out: Alfacinha Saudável, which brings together five schools and the local day care center for the elderly in the use of horticulture and local garndes as a means to promote healthy eating, sustainable food production, combating food waste and fostering circular economy; and a local Shared Resource Center, which makes different sorts of tools and useful resources available for local organizations and residents.

For the pioneer phase, Grupo Pegada will open up its membership to other organizations, local residents and businesses, in order to get a more comprehensive view of the neighborhood, nurture new community ties and have more impactful actions.


Type: Neighborhood
Population: 17.500
Extension:  1,8 km²
Density: 5475 inhabitants per km²

Key Aspects

The organizations and associations of Parceria Local have committed to contribute actively with their actions to the improvement of neighborhood life quality in different aspects, such as culture, education, justice, active citizenship, support to vulnerable population, security, environment and community life.



As a network, the Parceria Local meets regularly to discuss opportunities and problems of the neighborhood, to exchange information and to develop new projects. The sharing of resources (human, physical, financial and information) is also another big part of the network’s work.

Every year, 3 events are organized by the network, just with the human resources form the different local organizations and no professional event organizers. These events are the week-long Festival de Telheiras, with concerts, dancing, workshops, movies, second-hand markets, activities for children and for families, among many others, with more than 50 activities in one week; the Telheiras em Movimento, which takes part during the European Mobility Week and promotes sustainable mobility and habits; and the Magusto, a typical portuguese festivity on St. Martin’s day.

All the events have the purpose of bringing the population together, creating a sense of belonging and fostering a positive use of public space. They aim to promote a stronger interaction between local population, organizations and local commerce.



The effort of the members of Parceria Local is directed to contribute to engage residents and locals in the life of the neighboorhood and to promote active and participative citizenship in Telheiras.

There is a continuous effort to find new ways to engage people, associations, schools, institutes in the active life of the neighboorhood, and increase in citizens the sense of belonging to the territory and encourage them to play an active role in the community.



Pioneer activities so far...

Luis Pereira from Grupo Pegada received training in the Municipalities in Transition System.

Open-call for new members for Grupo Pegada, in order to define the Local Implementation Team


Luís Keel Pereira (Parceria Local de Telheiras)

Pioneer’s Core Team: (LIT)

To be defined.