Amandine Gameiro

Amandine was called from an early age by the philosophy of life and Nature, from the most contemplative ways to hands-on-earth practices. With a background in environmental eng. sciences and ecosystem regeneration the path proved to explore unconventional, pioneering and multiple territories for practical sustainability, building resilient communities and acting towards systemic and social-integrative approaches such as the Transition movement.



What am I doing here?

A dreamer, a visionary and a watcher. Amandine was called from an early age by the philosophy of Life and Nature, from the most contemplative ways to hands-on-earth practices.  With a background in Environmental Engª with Ecology and Ecosystem Regeneration Master’s degree, the path proved to explore unconventional and pioneering territories in the area of practical sustainability and building communities for resilience.

For several years she deeply practiced and trained permaculture, agroecology & forestry and immersed in social realms with the Transition movement. A catalyst for the Transition Portuguese network in the starting years, a co-founder of Initiatives and a trainer for Transition. Co-founder of an Ecovillage where she lived for many years in a deep and challenging community experience, she got skilled in multi-subjects giving her diverse abilities and some relevant projects such as a Local Cooperative and the Educational Center for reskilling and practical Sustainability.

Recently she’s been exploring ways of strengthening collaborative paths, facilitating and supporting projects as a trainer and an environmental and\or integrative counsellor, supported by shared governance methods (e.g sociocracy and hybrid models), systemic thinking approaches, emergent paths and regenerative practices. At this moment, she is trained and works as a tutor for Municipalities in Transition and co-acts in the resurgence of the Portuguese Transition Hub. Locally and volunteering involved in non-profit organisations for cultural and social justice, citizenship and active participation, including building resilient communities.

In parallel, she deeply explores Inner Transition realms from traditional wisdom philosophies to current synergies and integrative approaches, strongly anchored by constant philosophy of we as beings and deep contemplation. Being a yoga and meditation teacher for several years, she is currently and actively involved in the emergence and re-integration of the Feminine Path, strongly guided by an open philosophy of Life and Nature.

At the moment, I participate and am involved in local and community initiatives. Within the scope of MIT and as a tutor, I participate in the pioneering Community of Practice MIT in Portugal with the aim of supporting the network nationally and locally. I’m currently supporting as a co-facilitator the MiT project for Maia (Oporto region).  Also within the scope of the Transition, I actively participate in the restructuring of the Hub in Portugal.

  • Inspiration, deep dialogue and constructive talks of crucial and actual glocal subjects – diverse lens to bring to a circle.
  • Practical ideias to apply some methodologies or actions in different context situations  (Municipalities in Transition, Local Transformation Toolkit, Transition Launch and Thrive, Inner Transition, Shared governance tools such as Sociocracy 3.0 or hybrid methods, Sustainability in practice, Permaculture, Regenerative techniques, Ecosystem restoration, Ecology and Community building and resilience)
  • Give support as a tutor and as a trainer (on the above areas), both in presence or remotely (long-distance and co-facilitation)
  • Real support to (start and keep) LTT phase in any region and support remotely as well.
  • Supporting with contents, revision of materials, communication, networking, promoting events, translation, etc
  • Participating in a Community of Practice
  • Sharing and crossing experiences and knowledge, supporting our national MiT network and pilot-projects with your experience and feedback
  • Real support to (start and keep) LTT phase in any region and support remotely as well.
  • Support with contents, revision of materials, translation
  • Networking, partnerships and real-life examples (from other countries and cultures), stabilising communities for practice and groups within the vision of MiT, LTT, Transition, Resilient communities, cities and regions.

Some of my favourite things pass a lot through watching the night sky, to contemplate, to paint, trekking and walking miles in the mountains or everywhere on Earth, gardening, plant propagation and seedling, to cycling and inspire others to do so. Visioning, dreaming and participating in deep philosophical dialogues.

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