Giulia Mastalli

I’m a psychologist, a project manager in the non-profit sector and a group facilitator based in Rome. I had some international experiences in social projects. During the last years I deepened gender equality topic, systemic change and governance models.

I have been a MiT tutor in the V° Municipality of Rome, Italy, from March 2020 to April 2021.



What am I doing here?

I started my studies in clinical and community psychology at the University of Rome. I had a master in project management for International cooperation and I started working in this field. After some years I discovered Facilitation which inspired me to start a new training and learn group process and facilitation methodologies. In the meanwhile I became an MiT Tutor in Rome.

I have been a MiT Tutor in the year 2020/2021, working with the V° District of Rome.

As project manager and project designer I’m currently working with an association of psychologists based in Rome and as group facilitator I’m collaborating with different projects.

I can share my experience and learning within MiT and contribute to spreading Sociocracy 3.0 as an effective method to get into group processes and take decisions.

Contact me if you are interested in starting a MiT project in Rome, or if you want to start a process to connect municipalities and citizens in a deeper way to promote a systemic change.

I love to laugh and have fun, stay in the nature in a sunny day, read novel and poetry, listen to the music – in particular live sessions, discover, be passionate about different things, take care of relationships with the persons I love.


Roma Capitale, Lazio, 00175, Itália