Luca Vanelli

Luca is a communication expert. From 2019 he approached the Transition movement and from that moment he collaborates with the MiT group of Valsamoggia as a Tutor. Multipotential: journalist, photographer, facilitator, communicator.



What am I doing here?

After my studies, I understand for the first time that humanity is seriously in trouble and that communication skills in the business world are almost all sales oriented. So I decided to dedicate some time to trying something different. Since everything we have produced and thought up to now is leading us to a slow extinction, I try to give space to everything we haven’t even imagined yet. I have a strong passion for everything that is new and unexplored.

I’m a Tutor in the Valsamoggia Mit Group, I facilitate the Climate Emergency Table of Valsamoggia and try to follow some local experiments related to the circular economy and local complementary currencies. In my real life I deal with communication for public institutions.

I can introduce you to the concepts of Transition and new systems of advanced democracy. I can help you facilitate a work group. I can tell you how complex the situation we are experiencing is, without being overwhelmed by it.

You can share your ideas, but above all your time to take care of the piece of the world that has been entrusted to us.

I love to underline books with a pen, the paths in the woods of my small town, walking at night with music in my headphones.


Valsamoggia, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, 40053, Italy


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