First S3 Training in Valsamoggia

The Core Group of the pilot in Valsamoggia (Italy) did his introduction training to Sociocracy 3.0 (aka S3) last Saturday.

There was curiosity and enthusiasm about this methodology and the training was opened to everyone interested in the community.

S3 is going to be the governance methodology of the MiT pilot in Valsamoggia and in the twin pilot in Santorso. The hope is to start spreading a new “democratic” culture in the two communities and see if this brings more quality and cooperation in the process already in place and in those coming in the future.

The training was divided in tree moments:

  1. Mapping and brainstorming of the problems we normally face about democracy and governance in groups, organizations, institutions…
  2. A general introduction to S3
  3. A practical decision making simulation using S3 patterns.

From the next meeting the Core Group will use S3 as his main methodology.

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