Hot Topics Discussion – Facilitation

On the 17th of December 2018 the International Wider Community of Practice organized the webinar about Facilitation practices, within the Hot Topics Discussion Series of Webinar.

The guest speakers, Ana Digón and Dave Pollard, shared their experiences on this important, sometimes undervalued, topic. Juan del Río facilitated the session with the technical help of Nicola Hillary.

Ana Digón gave a very clear introduction about her experience on how to focus on several dimensions of the facilitation process, in particular: spaces for meetings, spaces for creativity, spaces for emotions, spaces for celebration. Keeping the Triangle of Facilitation in mind (Objectives, People, Process), she underlined the importance of the role of the Facilitator and of the inner work involved and needed.

Dave Pollard shared his experience about how to drastically improve the way to facilitate with certain useful tools such as group works four applications using the tool: facilitation planning, facilitation skills self-assessment, “cardography” for providing feedback on others’ facilitation, using the deck to acknowledge outstanding facilitation work. This interesting tool (available in multiple languages) that uses a pattern language approach to the training, evaluation and appreciation of excellence in facilitation. Resources on this are freely shared to anyone interested.

The participants, as always, were committed to the discussion very fruitfully and shared their interesting experiences and thoughts!

The question of managing difficult power dynamics within municipalities and decision-makers as facilitator was also taken into consideration. Experiences about this issue were shared among participants.

Congrats to everybody!!!

Shared resources

From Dave Pollard:

From Ana Digón (English and Spanish):

From participants:

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