Hot Topics Discussions – insights into the MiT project

Directly from the Pilot Municipalities in Transition community of Practice, we wanted to share with the Wider Community of Practice the learnings and experiences of the Pilots during the year long period of experimentation with the municipalities in transition project. Taking advantage of being all reunited in a pilot’s meeting and evaluating the project as a whole, being near the end of this social experiment, we thought of organizing this interesting webinar to give everybody a taste of how the project went. This represents a wonderful opportunity to bridge the Wider Community of Practice with the Pilot Community of Practice.

Our guests, Giulio as representative of the Pilot project of Santorso, and Tracey and István representatives of the Pilot project of Kispest, gave us some insights of what has been going on in their pilot project during the year of experimentation of the new methodology introduced with the MiT project.

Insights in other two Pilot projects can be found in our previous webinar “Strategies to bring communities and municipalities together“.

We had nice questions from the participants that gave us the opportunity to explore deeper certain details specific of each one of the projects, for example how to work with politicians (focus also of our next webinar), or how to engage the population to shift to renewable energy providers, or how the cooperatives work in a certain Italian environment.

We realize how useful is to get in touch with people already working for a change in the system, and learn from running initiatives.

Stay tuned for our last two webinars of this series.

Below the recorded session:

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