Hot Topics Discussions – Systemic change

On the 29th of November 2018 the first Webinar of the Series “Hot Topic discussions” took place, entitled “Working systemically, identifying leverage points and different theories of change“.

The guest speakers were Daniel Wahl and Tom Henfrey, and the webinar was facilitated by Juan del Rio, from the core team of the project Municipalities in Transition.

In the webinar we explored what we mean by systemic change, why we need to foster it and how to do it. Among different topics, we brought the idea of scale of community and bioregion and dived on how to leverage change. We looked at different theories of change and their relation with the transition process towards sustainability and resilience. Shared experiences and questions from the participants enriched the diversity of the webinar.

Below the recorded event:

Useful resources:

from Tom Henfrey
from Daniel Wahl
from Juan del Río


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