First phase of the MiT Community of Practice

Making space for conversations, sharing knowledge, experiences and support

Social, environmental and cultural change is not easy.  Our experience (and research) shows that peer support, the sharing of experiences and connection between people tackling similar challenges, can make an important difference for success.


The MiT project is creating and facilitating two linked communities of practice:

  • The “wider community of practice”: for people around the world working on, or with an interest in, collaboration between civil society and local government to promote systemic change for sustainability, social justice and a better world.
  • The “pilots community of practice”: connecting the six communities running MiT pilots.

The communities of practice aim to

  • Connect practitioners
  • Share and disseminate information and experiences
  • Harvest learnings and new knowledge
  • Foster peer-to-peer support
  • Explore possible synergies


You can read what we currently know about the Municipalities in Transition communities of practice here in English, Spanish and Italian.

Recordings of online conversations to get the WIDER COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE started, giving a taste of a variety of projects, people, and common challenges around the world, are available here, in English, Spanish and Portuguese:

Webinar in English (11/06/2018):


Webinar in Spanish (12/06/2018)


Webinar in Portuguese (13/06/2018)


The WIDER community of practice is initially connecting through a facebook group.  If you are part of a collaboration with local government to create systemic change then we’d love to connect with you.  If you are interested in joining the wider community of practice, please click here and ask to join, and/or email Juan del Río.

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