Focus discussion webinar on Shared Governance (UdN) with Guillaume Dorvaux

On the 15th of June we had our second appointment about Innovative governance for collaboration. After the previous webinar about Sociocracy3.0 with James Priest, this time we had the pleasure to have with us Guillaume Dorvaux from Université du Nous(UdN) talking about their experience with Shared Governance. The UdN has about 10 years of experience working in the field of cooperation, collective intelligence and working collaboratively.
This webinar was very interactive, with plenty of spaces to work in small groups (breakout rooms), and reflect about the learnings of shared governance. A long session of Q&A, again very interactive, took place where participants demostrated a strong engagement with the session. Thank you very much to Guillaume for this great opportunity to learn and share. Thank you also to all the participants.
Hopefully this was a start of a long-lasting collaboration with UdN.

Before leaving the Webinar all the participants wrote three words representatives of the session. Here goes the list:

  • love the call to the best aspects of human nature that Consent calls to
  • inspiration and insighits…
  • Trust joy hope
  • learning, connexion, future
  • Inspiration, questions, thinking
  • tired, inspired, curious
  • Grateful, inspired and relieved 🙂
  • hungry, satisfied, connected
  • opening huge possibilities
  • Wisdom and experience from around the world
  • intrigued, ready, flow
  • Love, curiosity, longing
  • excited, encouraged, enlivened
  • commonality, refreshment, oldstream
  • inspiration, trust, decision
  • gratitude, hopefulness,
  • sharing, humanity and inspiration
  • clarity – stimolating – brainstorming
  • Satisfied, curious, “hungry”
  • Learning, growing, being

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Useful Resources:

UdN is making available a series of videos very useful for those people interested in their methodology of Shared Governance. Below we share some of the most important.

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