Update on the Pattern Language Database

One of the element of our system consists in providing to users a sort of repository of possible actions or initiative (or even concepts) in the form of a database to be used by the community. Typically the questions people ask themselves and the community when browsing the database are: “What are the possible actions that work in real life? What are the concepts to be integrated to be able to think systemically? What can I do to influence a certain part of the community? How can I help shift the cultural paradigm?”

We are working hard to achieve a rich range of entries. To do so, we need to think what the community should be in need of, depending on the contexts, and what is the information people are looking for on certain topics, aspects, actions. We cannot limit ourselves to put a list of things, that is already provided by whatever internet search engine you might find. We need to trust the information we put, and we need to have a prove that things work. For that purpose, we have a lot of contacts all over the world, already working in transition, and with a systemic mindset, ready to spot positive and negative aspects of their actions. Every user has then the opportunity to understand if an action is trustable, how much trustable, and keep an eye on the weak points during the implementation.

Some of our collaborators are Transition Italy (Italy), Ecolise (international), Red de Transición (España), University of Lisbon (Portugal), Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), Officine Walden (Italy), É Nostra (Italy), Azienda agricola La scoscesa (Italy), RedTerrae (Spain), La prossima cultura (Italy) and few others.

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