Architecture for sustainability

Sustainability architecture and dissemination of tools for resilience in Guadalajara metropolitan area and its nearby natural areas.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: Guadalajara, Jalisco (Mexico)
POPULATION: 8,061,728
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


Context: lack of sustainable supply in housing (civil infrastructure construction) supply, economic high cost for middle class, absence of eco-technology for efficient use of water resources, such as rainwater capture and drinking water, being  water supply,  this year 2017-  one of the most serious environmental issues to solve.

Objective 1: To offer to middle class society,  civil construction knowledge and “know how” solution (materials, ecotechnologies, bioclimatic design and geobiological criteria) for house’s construction, accessible (affordable) economically and efficiently, in order to reduce the environmental impact, promoting less natural resources consumption, also a healthy environment according to local natural landscape and natural environmental characteristics of the site. 

Objective 2: To create and maintain a physical and a web-virtual place in order to share tools, provide knowledge on sustainability and resilience topics for Guadalajara’s metropolitan zone people and/or communities, in order to make this topics accessible and easy. To achieve this, need skilled Human resource in order to coordinate and keep it update it, so economical founding will be need it also.

Vision: To be a social enterprise based on collaborative work in order to reduce housing life’s environmental footprint, in order to change sustainability and resilience socio-environmental paradigm. Addressed topics: self-sufficiency, Natural Resources (Guadalajara’s metropolitan zone) Management, Energy crisis. Development models and economic crisis, Social and environmental resilience, consumption societies, responsible consumption, transition communities.

“Transition movement” link: Taking as a  starting point “efficient and healthy house” concept,  awareness will be create and also, people will think and debate on consumption society models, coming from the social-economic capitalist model. Also as a “regular house” as is today, in order to help to get the vision, and aim to be a human empowered and resilient community.


DOMAINSTown planning, Urbanism and Housing, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Water management

BENEFICIARIES: Families, General


MiT noteSocial enterprise oriented to sustainable architecture. Low self-evaluation. No need for phase 2 (no specific tool/framework identified for collaborating with the municipality; just started). Not suitable for pilot (too specific intervention).


Maria Judith Aguilar Michel