Online Training of Tutors


More and more people and institutions are waking up to the realities of the climate and ecological crisis. Shifting the paradigm of our society to one more attuned to natural resource limits, with a balanced, inclusive and thriving global community, has never been more urgent. These are difficult and highly complex challenges – but when facing them there is the opportunity for our resilience and creativity to come alive. We can ask ourselves, “How can we reimagine society? And where can we start?”.


In November 202o the Municipalities in Transition project will be delivering an Online Training of Tutors. As we see it, having a tutor in the community, at least for the first year of experimenting with the Municipalities in Transition System is crucially important and we need time to train a team of people to cover this role in different countries. MiTS wants to bring the activities of the community into a different space where real transformation is possible. However the current system is profoundly rooted in our cultures, and it prevents an evolution that takes into account a systemic view. Following the MiTS process could result in a very difficult task without the help of a tutor, leading practitioners to fall back into the old patterns and models.


Who is this training for?


This training is for people who are aligned with the Transition principles and are keen on working with municipalities and community-led initiatives towards cultural change. Participants with experience working with these type of organisations and with facilitation skills will have the chance to deepen and broaden their understanding, though these are not pre-requisites to participate.


You can check the criteria for participating and know more about the program in the document below:

Online Training of Tutors document for download.

If you have read the Training of Tutors document and fit the criteria of participant please send us your CV and a letter of motivation until the 30th of September to .


We are looking forward to hearing from you,

The Municipalities in Transition team