The Framework (Beta version)

We have finished the first Pilot phase of the Municipalitites in Transition project. Keeping in mind the idea of sharing learnings, we wanted to share with you the beta version of the framework we have been using during the first Pilot phase of the MiT.

A new version is being updated right now, and is being tested within the second phase of the project in other Pilots municipalities (Pioneers for this second phase). The idea of making the Framework public is mostly to make it available to anybody interested to understand our way of work as well as for research purposes. We highly discourage its use in real life, unless you have been assigned a Tutor that can guide you through the process (Please read the Disclaimer).


  • We are completely aware of the complexity of the project and we interpret our results as a first step of a longer process.

  • The Framework is an experiment based on the general principle that what we propose was evaluated as “Good Enough for Now, Safe Enough to Try” (GENSET).

  • This is for you to get the general meaning of the framework, and we don’t advise using it in its current beta version.

  • The MiT team is working on a new, improved and usable version.

  • Also we highly discourage its use in absence of an advisor (the Tutor) professionally prepared for this kind of guidance

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