Designing the MiT Framework

In December 2017 we met in Spain for an operative, in person gathering of the project Core Team, main task: start the final design of the MiT Framework.

Thanks to the great job of all the people involved in the deepening of our research Phase 2, we had all the additional information we needed about those cases that seemed more promising. A load of very precious insights to process but, in the end, only one case that presented something similar to what we were searching for.

No big surprise, this project exists because we knew there were not many models out there, therefore we resolved to work on the best available starting point and evolving it the way we needed. The chosen case was the Italian “Energy Funcion” that offered a good set of solution to face the complexity of this task.

You can read more about this on the Framework section of this site. We will publish there infos and documents about the design of the MiTF and its evolution… stay tuned.

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