Bacalar en transición

We’re working together to protect the lagoon of Bacalar and the communities that live here.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: Bacalar (Mexico)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


The objective is to connect the diverse groups and people that inhabit this territory raising awareness of the complexity, urgence and great effort that implies to change “business as usual” towards a greater and holistic perspective of place and living. We are compromised with fostering connections and projects that direct the inevitable  development of the turistic, agrologic, and cultural aspects of the biorregion, in a way that is good for the place, for the people, and that are economically sustainable. We are constantly generating audiovisual and informative contents to do this, making workshops and organizing encounters to reach our objectives. Right now a Council of Visions “The call of the water” is going to take place in november.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Town planning, Urbanism and Housing, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Arts and Culture, Participatory Democracy and Planning, Economy, Waste management, Water management, Community work.

BENEFICIARIES: Children, Teenagers (13 – 17), Young adults (18 – 24), Adults (25 – 65), Elders (65+), Families


MiT noteThe case is a community project that tries to connect different groups and envision a different future. No need for phase 2 and maybe not suitable for pilot (no specific collaboration with municipality identified nor references to its need).


Santiago Palomar