Balloon Latam

Balloon contributes to the development of local economies in a dynamic of shared creation between change agents, social entrepreneurs, municipalities, universities, foundations and other institutions, achieving the cultivation of resilience at the territorial level.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: 10 municipalities in 3 regions (Chile)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


Balloon started its work in 2011 through an experience where entrepreneurship methodologies were brought “down” from the upper economic class to the base of the pyramid, transferred to normal people so they can continue to live in their localities, where they receive a lot of pressure from a globalised work.

Many young people and adults migrate to cities in search of new opportunities. Through a collaborative effort, we are channeling resources from “where they are” (central government, universities, businesses) to “where they are needed”, bringing together social entrepreneurs from every territory, municipalities, and other institutions that join the work.

Strengthening micro-economies and creating support networks between actors, we have fertile soil to work on long-term regenerative visions. The transition movement participates through the so called “local innovation committees” to work towards resilience.


DOMAINS: Food and agriculture, Education, Social Care, Participatory Democracy and, Planning, Economy, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects)

BENEFICIARIES: Young adults (18 – 24), Adults (25 – 65), Ethnic or Social Minorities


MiT noteSocial enterprise dedicated to the development of local economies. Interesting for phase 2 (to deepen the tools used, namely the “local innovation committees”). Maybe to advanced for a pilot (frameworks/tools look already established).


Samuel Garreton