Daily Acts

Building Community Resilience through Grassroots and Government Collaborations.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: Sonoma County (CA – USA)
GOVERNANCE: External consultancy + shared leadership


Based on a decade of success, we know that government grassroots collaborations are critical to a healthy, just and resilient future. Through working with agencies on water conservation we’ve established holistic models, programs and policies, which conserve resources while addressing climate change, food, habitat, civic engagement, and the local economy. Our framework is a suite of collaborative programs ranging from tours and workshops to landscape transformations, community gatherings and action campaigns.

We’ve had a range of phenomenal successes. As one city partner said, “Government is often perceived as a slow moving hurdle to change, but together with Daily Acts we have engaged citizens, sheet mulched one million square feet of turf saving over 23 million gallons every year; transformed City Hall and other facilities to food forests, rain gardens, and community gardens; and installed rain water catchment systems and gray water systems throughout our city.” Through the Community Resilience Challenge, we have registered over 80,000 projects to conserve resources, grow food and build community by hundreds of partner organizations through regional and national replication.

Daily Acts has been a Transition U.S. partner providing program replication support and webinars on a range of topics. Our Director has served on the T.U.S. Board for 8 years, participating in TN gatherings and was a part of the initial group in 2011 that led to the launch of the Transition Hubs Network.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Health, Social Care, Waste management, Water management, Community work.



MiT note – Decade of successful collaboration between grassroots and local government. Interesting for Phase 2 (to deepen the tools used and critical factor for success; “further documenting results and making the case would really help”). Suitable for pilot (good prospects for continuity).


Trathen Heckman
Daily Acts Organization