La Colaboradora

La Colaboradora is the First Coworking P2P that promotes a collaborative economy in the city. It is achieved through a time bank of voluntary exchange of services and knowledge, which generates a physical space of Collective Intelligence.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: Zaragoza (Spain)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


La Colaboradora is also a Collaborative Community with more than 200 people. Each person works on their project (95% of their time) and receives help to launch their professional career. Then, the person has the commitment to provide the Community 4 hours of their time ( 5% of their time) to offer services and knowledge to other members, or participating in the governance processes of the Project La Colaboradora.

For example, Ana (graphic designer) could use those 4 hours to create a logo for Fernando. Fernando could use those 4 hours to give some advise on social networks to Nacho. Then, Nacho can offer an open photography course in town.

So business/social/creative/employment… projects can be developed in this space. It is aimed at entrepreneurs, freelancers, NGOs, activists, creative people… who want to develop a project. At the same time is orientated to unemployed people who want to develop their career. It is a physical  environment P2P where talent is managed and the philosophy of peer-to-peer networks is combined with the intensity of human contact through the collaborative communities.



BENEFICIARIES: Young adults (18 – 24), Adults (25 – 65)


MiT noteCoworking place with innovative collaborative features. Interesting for phase 2 (to deepen the tools used). Suitable for pilot (in order to expand the collaborative model to other areas?).


Javier Fernández Herráez