Silkeborg Bicycle Plan

The collaboration between the Transition Initiative Omstilling Silkeborg and the Dansish Bicycle Association to create a better bicycle infrastructure for the city of Silkeborg.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: Silkeborg (Denmark)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


The idea is overall to make it more fun, easy to bicycle in the center of the town. [2] By connecting cycling paths, build bicycling bridges, extend a tunnel, and change some streets to be primarily used for bicycling, and reducing cars access to the town.

The municipality created a page specific on the ideas from Transition Town Silkeborg on their website, and offered the initiative room in the community center.

To come as a new organisation – out of a movement – in a small city in the rural area of Denmark, and deliver an action plan for city infrastructure and sustainable transport is a bold move. It has not been seen before, and has fought a bit of an attention. The goal is to keep the politicians up to date with the solutions and need for these kind of projects, and to stay visible and visionary.

The Municipality will map the current behaviour and infrastructure, and as they starts to use the presented suggestions they will be mapping this too. The Danish Bicycle Association will also follow the progress, and assist the Municipality in this, as so will Transition Town Silkeborg!


DOMAINSTransportation, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Participatory Democracy and Planning, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects)



MiT note: Collaboration between organizations and municipality to deliver a local bicycle plan. Interesting for phase 2 (action plan for sustainable transport as a tool; just starting). Suitable for pilot (in order to strengthen the collaboration).


Preben Lund Fogh Rasmussen
Transition Danmark