We got a small public green space to grow vegetables with the neighborhood.


CASE STAGE: Just started
LOCATION: City Stadtgärtle (Germany)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


We initiated the project to show it is possible to reown the public green in front of our houses and to show how vegetables can be produced organically. We wanted to include the neighborhood and give them the chance to garden in the middle of the city, because many of them have no garden space. Greatest achievements: Being accepted by the town, the bureau for public greens and the surrounding neighborhood (shops and residential buildings).

We built a raised bed in the middle. We are a transition initiative (muller). We already made a project with the bureau of public green before: We planted bulbs of spring flowers on public greens to improve the greens and create more quality of life for the town residents (including us). We were supported by the town since the beginning of our initiative by a town employee who supports citizens voluntary action. He gave us access to rooms, got us connected to the responsible authorities concerning our projects and is a real door opener.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture

BENEFICIARIES: Children, Young adults (18 – 24), Adults (25 – 65), Elders (65+)


MiT note: Promoting a public green space to grow vegetables with the neighborhood. No need for phase 2 (no specific framework identified for collaborating with the municipality; just started). Not suitable for pilot (too specific intervention).


Christiane Klei