Transition Centre Emerging Sustainability Culture

We have discovered an emerging culture of sustainability in all sectors the promotion of which has become our objective.


CASE STAGE: Well established and running
LOCATION: Centre County, Pennsylvania (USA)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


Our objective is to pursue what we have realized as an emerging culture of sustainability in our region.  Transition Centre (2009) is an unofficial hub of the Transition US network, and Transition Town State College (2010) a formal initiative.

We have developed an EDAP, the sole comprehensive sustainability plan for the region; it addresses virtually every aspect of a sustainable society.  We have a resource list of nearly 600 local organizations, projects, etc. The region, defined by our watershed, includes 12 participating municipalities (I served on one) a regional council of governments (which I served on), County government and Penn State University.

Our watershed holds the majority of the county’s population.  Our program is to define a vision for our future, provide networking, promote communication and collaboration, provide a map of projects, serve as a catalyst, and otherwise support this emerging culture. We need staffing and documentation to take this to the next level.


DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Town planning, Urbanism and Housing, Transportation, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Health, Participatory Democracy and Planning, Economy, Waste management, Water management, Industry and manufacturing, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects)



MiT note: The project’s focus is on promoting a shared vision, planning and networking. They give great importance to economy. They also give high value to collaboration. The creation of a “Sustainability Master Plan” seems to be the major framework/tool, namely to foster vision.

Interesting for phase 2 (as tools). Suitable for a pilot, but the size must be considered.


Bill Sharp