Transition Streets – Des Moines Climate Action Plan

We would do pilot “Transition Streets” neighborhood studies in all 4 wards of Des Moines to get grassroots support for the city council to support the creation of a Climate Action Plan.


CASE STAGE: Design stage
LOCATION: Des Moines, Iowa (USA)
GOVERNANCE: Not defined


The Des Moines Citizens’ Task Force on Sustainability made up of about 20 people were not successful at getting the Des Moines City Council to adopt a proposal asking for the creation of a Climate Action Plan that truly when challenge the city-the council, the city staff, residents, businesses, and non-profits to lower greenhouse gases in Des Moines on a strict timeline.  We decided we needed more grassroots support to accomplish this, so we will be going to neighborhood associations with presentations and a challenge that a group of neighbors in each of the 4 wards of the city be involved in the Transition Streets pilot course which challenges neighbors collectively and individually to look at how they reduce CO2 emissions, conserve water, and reduce waste. From there we hope to get a groundswell of support for going back to the city council as a community of the 4 wards to again request the creation of a Climate Action Plan for the whole community.



DOMAINSFood and agriculture, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Transportation, Education, Raising awareness about sustainability, climate change, healthy living, environmental issues, etc., Health, Social Care, Waste management, Water management, Community work, Systemic Change (not focused on particular projects).

BENEFICIARIES: Children, Teenagers (13 – 17), Young adults (18 – 24), Adults (25 – 65), Elders (65+), Families, People with disabilities, Ethnic or Social Minorities, LGBTQ+, General.


MiT noteClimate Action Plan with a transition context. Interesting for phase 2 (as a tool; design stage). Suitable for pilot


Carolyn Uhlenhake Walker