Rome – Municipio V


The 5th District of Rome is one of the most populous and dense of the Italian capital. The idea of making a Mit pioneer came directly from the municipal administration. It is the first experiment of this kind within this district. The MiT project is an opportunity to manage complexity and encourage an ecological transition, dialogue and cooperation in a very different and difficult context.

Type: District
Population: 246 471
Extension: 27 km²
Density: 9137 inhabitants per km²

Key Aspects

The Roma – Municipio V (5th district) pioneer is taking place in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, and exactly one year before the local political elections. These are two important variables to be considered during the progress of the Pioneer.


The 5th District of Rome is the third by population and the second (behind the city center) by density. It is located in the eastern part of the city.

Very different contexts coexist on the territory, from a cultural, social and economic point of view: high gentrification areas dedicated to nightlife and residential neighborhoods are stand alongside large, densely-populated, poorer areas, characterized by the presence of many ethnic minorities.

The average age of the Municipality is lower than the average city, while the income is medium-low.

The great diversity that characterizes the area, combined with medium-low income, has been often considered a problem and has repeatedly been a source of social tensions. In this context the MiT system it is expected to make help in social harmonizing and in taking more participated and resilient decisions.

Furthermore, the context is often chaotic and changes continuously, with new problems and unexpected situations emerging very frequently. The use of the MiT system could help to give a clearer vision of the context and to adapt better and faster.


One of the main challenges will consist in creating a group that is sufficiently diverse to reflect – at least partially – the diversity of the territory, also involving parts of the population generally excluded from this type of process. Another delicate aspect will be to ensure continuity of participation for the group, in a chaotic and often disorganized context.



Pioneer activities so far...

Rome has two trained tutors to support the process of the MiT system, they are Andrea Degl’Innocenti and Giulia Mastalli.

Online training for MiT Circles participants on the basic use of Sociocracy 3.0 methodology.


Andrea Degl’Innocenti 
Giulia Mastalli 

Pioneer’s Core Team: (LIT)

Alberto Berlini – Journalist
Dario Pulcini – Alderman to the Environment (District V)
Donato Mele – Prometeo-Lab
Elvira Aceto – public administrative (District V)
Manuele Jorio – A mano disarmata Association 
Anja Wuester – Psychologist and Psychotherapist
Arianna Vittoria Beffardi – Professor e Designer 
Fabio Meloni – Cinema Mundi
Enrico Pinna – Environmental Engineer 
Marco Borrelli – Parodoi Association 
Valentina Roversi – Parents for Future
Valerio Tassara – SpinOff Association 
Carmelo Comisi – Disability Pride
Alice Buzzone – Environmental Architect