Andrea Degl’Innocenti

Andrea is a freelance environmental journalist, co-founder of the online newspaper, deeply interested in systemic change and Transition, MiT tutor since 2020. He has been MiT tutor in the V Municipality of Rome, Italy, from March 2020 to April 2021.



What am I doing here?

I studied journalism at the University of Rome and later, together with some colleagues, founded the newspaper Italia che, a online newspaper about environment, sustainable economy, participatory processes (and much more). Thanks to this project I got to know the Transition Movement, which immediately made me curious for the innovative tools and methods, so different from classical environmentalism. So, when the opportunity arose to start a MiT pioneer in Rome, I took it to put these theories into practice and became a MiT tutor.

I have just finished a one-year MiT pioneer project in Rome, V Municipality.

As a journalist, I collaborate with various newspapers, including Italia che Cambia, il manifesto, Terra Nuova.

Share my experience and learning within MiT. Write about this journey in the newspapers.

Write me if you are interested in starting a MiT project in Rome and surroundings, or if you want to tell how is your MiT journey going, or other similar participatory experiments.

Thinking, feeling alive, finding sense in what I do, good food and wine (you know, I’m italian), nonsense jokes, science, irony.



Roma Capitale, Lazio, 00175, Itália