Jean-Paul Grange

Jean-Paul is an R&D Engineer and Business Process manager. Since 2009 he has been developing Transition community-led initiatives in Val-de-Marne and has experience as municipal councilors. He is a tutor and is also one of the Transition Paris Region representatives.



What am I doing here?

Outside of my job as an engineer, I have spent many years promoting the daily usage of bicycles starting in Strasbourg in 1990. I discovered the Transition movement, with Rob Hopkins Transition Manual, the best global solution to address the many issues we face in relation to ecological, climate and resource limitations. In 2009, I co-founded a local Transition initiative association in Sucy-en-Brie (94370) which has now 300 members.

I am ready to help municipalities and territories in France to become Municipalities in Transition using the now available International Local Transformation Tools. I am continuing facilitating the development of Transition initiatives in my Paris area region.

I am constantly searching for courageous people ready to improve our local communities to become a better place to live. I love to become aware of deep thoughts to rethink our world.

With my experience as city councilor, project and process manager in enterprise, responsible of local initiatives and tutor in Municipalities in Transition, I can provide you a method to get a clear and numerical status on where you are and help a small political and citizen mix of people to learn how to define systemic actions to improve it on medium and long term life.

I love to work with people sharing the same vision of what could be our future. I also love to share with people with different visions that they can peacefully discuss.