Pedro Macedo

Pedro is a catalyst for community regeneration with more than 20 years of experience in facilitating regional and local participatory sustainability projects in 60 communities.

He is an action researcher at the Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes.

Also, participating in the Lisbon cohort of The Regenerative Practitioner Series and the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.



What am I doing here?

I have a degree in Engineering and postgraduate studies in Urban Environmental Management and Territorial Planning.

I now have 20 years of experience in the sustainability field. First, I started in the private sector, dedicating myself to environmental education, leading a team of 20 people and implementing all kind of projects around Portugal. Then I felt that global awareness was already achieved, and that professional training was needed, so I helped to create a public-private environmental training center dedicated to professionals, from teachers to architects.

But 10 years ago, my conclusion was that better governance was really “the key” that we needed. Society was urging to have more participative political decisions that could lead us for sustainable local communities. Working at university, I was responsible for local and regional initiatives in many communities, mostly in Portugal, creating networks that mobilized around 20,000 citizens and 1,000 organizations. We got some international awards and recognitions, for regional water governance (European Environment Agency, 2014), Environmental Strategic Plan for the Porto Metropolitan Area (ICLEI, 2005) or 100,000 trees project (United Nations, 2014).

I also have relevant work at the third sector, acting as a social entrepreneur (leading several NGOs and projects). Additionally, supporting the climate movement, part of a renewable energy cooperative, and co-founder of the initiative Common Home of Humanity.

I started my PhD in 2016 on the topic of Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies, wanting to research on synergies between citizen-led initiatives and local governments in terms of climate action. To develop my thesis, I have joined the Municipalities in Transition project since the beginning, as an embedded researcher. I am now committed to support ‘real life’ implementation, bringing a regenerative and integral approach.

I have been developing and testing a regenerative and integral approach to support transition governance. This approach accommodates the full support of change makers; the exploration of trauma and grief to allow reconciliation; the exercise of wild creativity to create memories from the future; and the intensification of collaboration in the process of navigating transformation (the current focus of the MiT instrument).

I am mostly looking for opportunities to support communities and people to be aware and fulfil their highest potential, regenerating Life.

I love the Caminho de Santiago, offering myself to it as a pilgrim and hospitaleiro since 2007.


Porto, Área Metropolitana do Porto, Norte, Portugal


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