Tommaso Brazzini

I’ve been working for about a decade in scientific research in universities. My awareness on the actual socio-ecological planetary crisis led me to look out of the mainstream path for new ways to deal with the massive disaster.

I joined the Municipalities in Transition project years back and since then I work as a core team project officer, system thinker and researcher, trying to close the gap between academia and sustainability work on the ground. I give lectures at universities and work on the ground as tutor, while at the same time I develop in parallel the systemic methodology and the database of tools.

What am I doing here?

With science and research in my blood, i ended up looking for answers several years ago, without success. That desperate search on how humanity could live sustainably led me to join the project, and tirelessly keeping the search going on with the development of the database of tools and the development of the systemic methodology, as well as the practising of the principles on the ground as tutor.

Spreading the ideas and practices we have been developing in the last years on the systemic methodology and everything connected to that, through practical tutoring, talks, lectures and research work.

At your service to start a new pioneer where you are (and relatively close to where  I am).

Being open to follow me down the white rabbit hole.

Sports in general (running, biking, swimming) , addicted to learning and reading books of novel stuff, growing fruit trees, investigating anthopology, going in the nature, wild camping and campfires with my partner, and lately I also enjoy fathering 😉


Valencia, Spain