Hot Topics Discussions – Working with Politicians

The webinar took place on the 5th of march 2019 was about How to work with politicians.

We had the opportunity to listen to the experiences of Gorka Egia, the mayor of Orendain, a small village in the Bask Country (north of Spain) of about 200 citizens, and of Steven De Mesmaeker, from the Department Head Culture and Society, Team Community, City of Dilbeek, westborder of Brussels (Belgium) of roughly 40,000 citizens. 

Both invited speakers gave very important insights (and precious advices) on how to work in the most successful way with municipalities and mayors

The webinar was very rich in contents and the participants very “hungry” of useful advices to break the wall between the two parts (civil society and politics) and have a reasonable cooperation towards the same objectives.

We experienced some troubles with the sound. We hope it was good enough for the public to get the contents of the webinar.

Stay tuned for the last webinar (on the 20th of march)


Recorded webinar:

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