MiT international Pilots meeting – 2019

Approaching the end of our phase of framework testing in the Pilot projects, we met in Telheiras (Lisbon, Portugal) for an overall evaluation of the project so far, and codesign of the next phase. The meeting took place from the 20th to the 24th of february 2019, and the place was perfectly chosen as not too chilly in this period of the year.


The Parceria Local de Telheiras, with Luis Keel Pereira as coordinator, reserved a wonderful big space for the meeting, the Lagar, that was used in the past as olive oil mill and winery.

The main objective of the meeting was to share learnings and experiences obtained along the journey of the framework testing and of course the evaluation of the whole experiment. Very important was the feedback that we, as Core Team, could receive for the methodology applied “on fields” in the six pilot cases, and the improvements to add to the second version of our framework.

There were spaces for reconnection, spaces for collective and individual feedback and finally spaces for codesigning the next stage of the project.

The Parceria Local also organized an Open Event, to which anybody could participate to have some insights about the project and how it was developing in the neighborhood.

In parallel we organized the sixth webinar, part of the Hot Topics Discussions series within the Community of Practice, to connect the whole Wider community of practice to the pilots project and explain a little bit more in detail what has been going on in the Pilots projects.

Least but not last we had time to celebrate altogether and looking forward to starting the next phase of the project.



Introduction from the MiT core team:


Presentation from Santorso Pilot:

Presentation from Ecobairro Pilot:

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